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In 1213 AD Mc William m Richard Burke of Clan Ricard submitted to O Donnell at Athenry.
Brollagain was O D's steward.

Proir to the great battle of Down in 1260 the battle of Drum Dearg in which 352 Irish were killed along with their appointed Lords.

Brian O Neill who had submitted to the Lord Justicare in 1252 and had been seated as Lord of Tyrone by the English was their prince and leader.

Most of the northern chiefs and lords fought with him and were killed;
OCarrie, Loughlin, O Kane , O Henery, Mc Cann, DuvDirma, O Gormly, OHanlon.

The O Cane chiefs killed were 15.

For Connacht Gilcrest and O Connor, Donough, Finn, Mulrony, Teige, Gara, O Quinn, Murray.

All thse men died at Down fighting the English Norman invader, The Earl if Salisbury ,Espee.

King Brians head was cut off and taken to London where it was displayed on the Tower and his story recorded by Mac Namee of Mide his Bard.
Either John ,son of Henry 2 or his son Edward 1 was than king of England.

In 1241 the Battle of Caimeirghe fought in Ulster between
Domnall Mag Loughlin ,King of Tir Eogain and an alliance between Brian O Neill and Maelsechlainn O Domnaill [Donnell] king of Tir Conaill.
The alliance won this battle against Domnall Loughlin and Brian ONeill was inagurated King.

Eicnechan O Donnell 1201-07 was followed by his son Domnall Mor 1207-41 who was followed by his eldest son MaelSeachlainn 1241-47.
Than his second son Godfraid O Donnell from 1248-58 and finally his third son Domnaill Oc who ruled Tir Conaill from 1258-81.

Domnall Og ,m Domnaill Mor m Eicnechan ODonnell [1201-07], Prince of Tir Coniall.

His son Aodh [Hugh] 1281-90 is listed as being again inagurated from 1291-1333.

Grandson of Hugh [Aodh] of Cinel* Owen ONeill.

In the north East in 1258 Donall O Donnell chief of Tir Conail fought the English Normans and lost.

By 1281 Donnell Og O Donnell was lord of Tir Conail, Fernmanagh, O Oriel and Ulster.
Connacht and Briefne were his allies.

However he was killed by his cousin or brother and succeeded by his eldest son Aodh [Hugh] m Donnell Og [1281-90] m Hugh of Cinel Owen the north peninsilla of the country, the O Neill.

In 1290 Donnell O Donnell overran Cinel Owen expelling Nial Culunagh O Neill but with clann O Donell he was overtaken by Turlough O Donnell who deposed his Brother Aod [Hugh] O Donnell in 1290.

Toirdealbach ODonnell thus ruled from 1290-1291 and overran Donnell ODonnell and restored Culanagh ONeill.
This he did with the aid of the Scot gallowglas and Clann Donnell .

Hence both Clann Eogain on the north sea and Cinel Conail to its southwest were ruled by lords of force and not election or inheritance as the ODonells superceded themselves and each other.

The O Neill geneology does show a Domnaill m Brian m Niall Ruad m Aed in mac Aen Toiniese being inagurated in Tyrone after the battle of Down were his father Brian was killed and beheaded.
Domnall however in this enterprise of 1290 and was deposed a second time as O Neill.

Because of this internicene fighting over land, power and prestige, Richard Burke who had been granted Connact lands by king Henry 2 expelled Turough O Donnell from Tir Owen and replace him with Niall Culanagh O Neill as the O Neill had always owned Tir Eogan but a soon of the Red Earl left Nial Culanagh O Neill was killed.
O Donnel was banished from Tyrone and Brian Og O Neill was inagurated the O Neill.

Brian Og O Neill the second son of Donnall the tanist was inagurated O Neill.
Turlough was deposed in 1291 and Aed O Donnell ruled again til his death in 1333.

He was succeeded by his son Conor [Concobar] in 1333 who ruled till 1342 and was succeded by his son Aonghus ODonnell the second son of Seaan O Donnell who ruled from 1352-59 , was deposed and resumed rule in 1362-1380.

Seaan was succeeded by his brother Niall O Donnell's son ,Toirdealbach an Fiona who ruled from 1380-1422 and was suceeded by Nial Garb m Toirdealback m Nial m Aed m Domnall Oc m Domnall Mor m Eichnechan.
Bringing the O Donnell regime of Tire Conail from 1422-1439
Under Niall Garb, who sided with the Engilsh invader.

His brother Neachtan ruled from 1349-52 during the peiod of the Black Death of 49-50 and he was succeeded by Ruaidri O Donnell in 1352-54.

Nial Garb was the father and progenator of Aed Ruad.

It was Aed Ruad of 1592-1602 son of Sir Aod ,grandson of Manus m Aod Dub m Aod Ruad m Niall Garb who with O Neill rode to Kinsail where both were routed by Earl Essex, Mountjoy and the Gaelic Order of the north finally ended.

This Aod the great great great grandson of Nial Garb, the English ally.
6 generations removed.

His derbfine would have begun with Aed Dub his great grandfather.

Aedh Ruad his namesake was the end of the provious derbfine of Nial Og Aed O Donnell.
The one before that the proverbial 4 generations of rule from 1200 to 1600.
This being 400 years We assume the derbfine began in 1200 with Eicnechan but that may not be so with the records available lost of his ancestor.

75 years
300 years.

Figuring a derbfine of 300 years back from Aed Ruid to the beginning derbfine would be Domnall Og in 1258.

Two progenators before him only listed Eicnechan grandfather being the begining of the era in 1000 AD.

Richard Burke as well as imposing French order on Tir Eogan plundered Tir Conaill as he returend to his appointed Connact holdings known as Clan Ricard.

It was this internicene killing and usurpation in the Northwest that caused emnity and disunity between the decendends of Niall Nine O Neill [379].
Eoghain of Tir Eogain [Owen] and O Donnells of Tir Conaill with a pattern of warfare against each other that continued off and on for 300 years between the two cinels until Rory ODonnell, Aed Ruid O Donnell and Hugh Aed O Neill united to go down to defeat at the Battle of Kinsail and hence brought the last remaining stronghold of Gaeldom under Engish rule.

By 1292 Richard Burke had become by force the Red Earl of Ulster and the Irish lords reamined dispersed fighing and loving among themselves as did Connacht amongh the OConors tuaths and septs.

In 1295 Brian m Aed Buide O Neill, Lord of Tyrone was killed by his cousin Donnel O Neill along with many of his forces and friends.

This same year 1295 internicnine rivalry between Aodh Hugh O Donnell [+ 1333] and his brother Turlouch O Donnell [+1303] over titles given by the English, distroyed much of TirConell.
The country churches included.

In 1296 England under Edward I invaded Scotland and called on the Irish Norman lords Richard Buke, Gerald Fitzgerald , JohnFitz Thomas earls in Ireland to fight this war.

The force distoyed abbeys and killed many priests and women in Scotland.
By 1303 Tir Conaill under Hugh Aed O Donnell killed his brother Turlough which started a war all over Donegal and Tir Owen.
The English were also involved and hence all three sides Tir Conail, Tir Eogain and Norman died.

However Hugh O Donnell won the war and lived happily ever after.

This rebellion by O D may have been inspird by the English Earls Normans again being called to Scotland which produced a northern insurrection.

By July 1315 John 22 was elected Pope at Rome and in 1407 King Edward II died on 7 July.

In 1315 Edward Bruce of Scotland brother to the Scot king landed in Antrim with a great fleet of 300 ships.

However the Connacht OConnors sided with the Norman Richard Burke, the Red Earl against Bruce who defeated Burke that year in Mayo [mag Eo].
Hence division was again created between the north O Neill and the Connact men on the battle fields of Mayo wherby the O Neill/Bruce faction prevailed and Edward Bruce was offered the crown of Ireland by Donnall Og O Neill.

However Bruce brought poverty, famine and distuction to the land and he was finaly defeated at Faughart in October 1318.

In 1333 Aed m Donnel Og ODonnell died.
He was tigerna of Tir Conaill, Inish Owen, Fermanagh, Cinel Moan, Briefne [O Rourke].

He had reigned 50 years and is buried at Assaroe [Eas Ruid] Falls now fenced in by the Irish power and light Company .
Its history lost to local and tourist alike as Ballyshannon is repressed from the manys stories of pre Republican times.

Aodh Hugh O Donnell was succeded by his son Conor O Donnell.

By 1348 Nial Garve O Donnell died and under Neachan his brother 1349-52 the Black Death struck Ireland as well as all Europe.

O Donnells are decended from O Baiscinn Caibre, South West Clare, Moy Tura

They are the children of Saraid m Conn m Feardach Finnfeachnach m Tuathal Teachmair the ligitimate whose mother was Baine of Alba.
Manus ODonnell married the 8th earl of Kinsale's daughter Eleanor and hence those decedants were part Norman.

*cinel would simply mean the decendants of Niall Niogiallach.

A sept would be a division of the cinel and a clann would be the entire combined desendants of the children of Niall Nine.
Kinel the English simply meand the kin of Niall
in the Irish it is Cinnial, kin of Niall.

Judi Donnelly
copyright 22 April 2011

sourse: notes from Joyce History of Ireland and geneology table from New Word Histoy of Ireland, Martin Moody and Byrne

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