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Oisin the child

Fionn m Cumail grandson of the Easa Muin Eamna m Ruadraige the Great, warrior of Fianna was sweeping along a glen heading home from the chase when a lovely fawn was started and she fled toward Fiannas own Dun.

But when she lay down in the grass and was welcomed by his 2 hounds, Bran and Sceoluing, these being the children of his fathers sister Tuireann as she was being transformed from a human to female hound.

This being possible in the days of shape changing divinity where the supernatural mingled with the human and the animal forms.

Because of this Fionn chose not to kill such a beautiful beast and she followed him home with the friendly stag hounds.

Later this friendly deer became a beautiful fair haird woman.

She has been bewitched by Dana an Druid Fer Doirche [Doirte] for refusing his love and for 3 years been in the wild as a deer.

It was revealed to this enchanted deer that if she were within any fortress of the Fian of Erinn the dark mans power over her would be ended.

Hence she had come to Almain till only Bran and Sceoluing, being of human intellect, recognized her as they were of like nature.

Fionn was enchanted entirely by the princess and never left the Dun to fight or chase for months so lost was he in love.

But eventually the Loch Leannach [scandinavian] came to the bay of Ben Edair, to the hill of the oaks and he was forced to defend the eastern shore of Erinn.

They were away 7 days and on returning to Almain on the 8th day and not seeing his love at the ramparts of this mound Dun he was told by the dwellers of the fort [lis] that Saabh, that was her name ,had seen a likeness of the chief before the Dun and the music of the Dord Fionn and Saabh came forth down the pass and the gates to meet her love and the father of her unborn infant[ nai],
and thus rushed into the arms of a phanthom[fantom] with a hazel wand.

She was stuck by this magic wand and in a moment was turned once more into a gentle doe.

The two hounds subsequently chased her from the moat, as thrice she had tried to return to the safety of this Fian Dun.

Mo chuma!

None could save the stugling doe from the sorcerer .
All this tranformation done in less than 20 seconds.

Fionn was anguished and retreated to his private apartment till next day when the sun rose over the Liffy.

For 7 years he searched every corner of land for the Beloved Saabh and unless distracted by the chase or the battle againt the white strangers [the Norse] he was overpowered by an inrequited sadness.

In all this time he took none but the 5 hounds BRan, Sceoluing, Lomaire, Brod,Lomluath as these he could only trust with not to harm Saabh if he, by chance, came across her track.

Fionn and his chiefs were hunting on Ben Gulban in Sligo.
The dogs put up a terrible clammor and on coming up to them they found the 5 hounds of Fionn in a circle preventing their companion hounds in their attempt to seize a naked [nocht] stripling with long hair covering him from head to foot.

The child showed no fear of his peril and gazed on the Curia coming to him.
The dog fight was stopped and Bran and Sceoluing came and licked and fawned before the wild youth.

Fionn and the ridire [knights] came and caressed the childs head [Ceann] and his wildness began to change.

He was taken by the Fiann to their hunting sheds where he ate and drank and was clothed.

In the child features Fionn saw Saabh reflected and hoped this was her child of his 7 year search.

Fionn kept the child continually at his side.

His head to toe hair was cut with the avent of clothing and he acquired speech [Labaid] and he told of his past.

He had been shelterd by a 'hind', a doe, whom he loved, in a large park full of hills, deep valley streams, rocks and dark wood.
[Probably mcVeigh in north west Donegal].

He ate fruits and roots in the summer and in winter provisions were left in a cave for him.

A dark man the Fear Doirte came, sometimes softly sometimes loud and threatening to the doe, but she stayed away from him in fear.
He always left her in anger.

But there was no way to escape from the park surrounded by high steep cliffs and staight decents.

The Doirche ,after along time of soft and loud talk ,to which the hind remained aloof, struck her with a hazel rod and enchanted her to follow him leaving her small nocht son .

The child cried out but was powerless to follow and he fell to the ground ,exaused and insensate.

When he awoke he was on the side of a hill where days later the dogs discovered him.

The enclosure was gone. There were no cliffs or sharp sheer decents.
The youth was called OISIN, the fawn and became a sweet singer of Fianna of Erinn.

*The Fionn Loga are listed as direct desendants of Uigaine Mor of 300 BC and his ancestor melisians.

They seem to encompass several generations and eras.
Fionloga becoming Finnlug and Finngoll through Etain becoming Fintan who becomes Fionn son of Rugan Ruad or Ruaidri the Great who lived about 67 BC.

Fionns is listed as the father of Eocaid Feidnolac father of the 3 Finneamas [Lotar, Nar, and Bres], and 5 daughters Maebhe of Roscomain being one ,and her siser Clothra, sister of the Fineamas and progenator of Lugaid Riab ndearg.
Fionn is also listd as the father of Eochu Airem and Furbaide.

The Finnloga encompassed eras from the begining memories of Fintan of the Flood and the succeeding shape changing and Etain stories coming down from divinity tales to animal tales to king tales of the Gaels.

Presented by
Judi Donnelly
copyright March 26 2011

sourse: Legendary Fictions of the Irish Celts, Patrick Kennedy, Mac Millan and Co, London 1865

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