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A bit of teh O Neill

A Bit on the O Neill

The ONeill geneology is tattered and not complete in the historys.
These decendants of Aed Findliath and the Daughter of the king of Scotland ,Kenneth Mc Alpine who took the high kingship in 900 AD and held it for some 600 years between northern and southern decendants.

1296 Domnail m Brian O Neill
Brian m Aed Buide O Neill of Ulaid

Domnal won and becaem king.

By 1364 AD Niall Mor O Neill was an adequate ruler as was his son Niall Og father of Owen [Eogain] O Neill who ruled Tir Owen or Tyrone as it is known this day.

Owen died in 1456 and left sons Airt[1458] and Henry who ruled in Omagh the west part of Tyrone county.

Airts son Niall had 3 sons Hugh, Turlough [Terrance] and Filim.

And there is a Brain whose son McNeill was father to Conn ONeill father of Ferdorcha [dark one] known as Mathew father of Hugh the Great ONeill by his alliance with Joan Maguire of Fernmanagh.
His brother was Cormac O Neill.

Joan is also listed as the mother of Turlough O Neill, fathered by Henry M Felim Roe O Neill.
This Felim Roe,the red head, is probably the brother of Niall m Airt Mic Owen who died in 1505.

There is an older son of Owen O Neill called Felim who died of seisures 1460 Ad .
He was epyliptic.

Henry the brother of Airt.

Both boys sons of Owen O Neill.
Henry was the grandfather of Conn Bachach the lame O Neill of the Fews and Niall ONeill.

Niall was the father of Owen Bocht, Owen the poor ,also called Eugene,
while Conn Bacach was father of Conn McNeill m Brain m Airt which line produced the Great ONeill buried at Rome.

Conn also had a daughter called Judith.

One of his grandsons was called Dongaille of which a parent is not identified.

However Judith married Manus O Donnell who built Lifford castle on the Foyle River and the Dongaile sept is assocaited with that castle where the local Lifford jail,courthouse and city hall are now.

Judith died 21 August at 42 years of age in 1535.
She was born in 1493 a bit after Christopher Columbus discovered the new Word and landed for Spain at Hispanola Now Haiti and St Kits.

She is buried at St Francis Monastery in Derry as is Hugh Roe O Donnell when he died in 1537 and he is also buried at the St Francis monastery in Derry. Manus O Donnell replaced him.

In 1478 O Neill mac Airt O Neill preyed Tir Conaill and the O Neills generally were fighing each other.

Henry O Neills grandson ,Con Bacach, was master in Antrim and Down.
Conn Bachach was also the progenator of Mathew who is Fedorcha.

In 1552 Dongaileach of Ailech on Green Hill fought against Mathew M Conn of Dunngannon barony.

There is also a listing of a Rory Bacach O Neill in 1471 but no further linkage to his parents.

However Brain m Airt mic Owen m Niall Og m Niall Mor ruled in Down and Antrim in 1453 and was the progenator of Conn O Neill father of Niall O Neill.

In 1471 a plague was brought by ship to Assaroe [Eas Ruad] of the Erne river to Ballyshannon.
It spread to Fermanagh, Tir Connell, Ulster than invaded the south.

In 1477 a hurricane struck Ireland at St JOhn the Baptisst festival and again in 1478 at Epiphany [January 5].

In 1481 a war was held between Airt O Neills sons of Strabane/Omagh ane John Baoi o Neill of Antrim /Down

At this time before the English invasion,territory and sept were still clearly defined through 1400-1500 and each sept lands and tir were handed down to the sons of the fathers usually.

The Dinnsenshus identifies all these lands, both lord tuath and sept holdings, as the Bansenshus identifies all the mothers of famous or aristorcatic households.

The territory was named:

Tir owen land of Eogain
Inis Owen Island of Eogain
clana Baoi children of Aed Hugh Baoi m Bian m Airt m Owen m Niall m Niall Mor taking in some 200 years.

A derbfine was defined usually as 4 generations of the same ruling family and this may be composed, not as I formely believed, by 30 or so years as this age of reproduction, but by lifetime of one generation person =75 years x 4 = 300 years.

So a listing of names would be the great grandfather, the grandfather the father and the son.
Or the great grandson of the original progenator of the derbfine.

In 1485 Naghtan O Neill burned Cualad [Cuala] the Armagh ,son of Owen O Neill m Niall Og mic Niall Mor and in that year Henry 8 replaced Richard 3 as Englands king.

In 1497 Donnell O Neill made peace with Henry Og ONeill in the sping.

Henry resigned his title as lord to Donell.

Henry Og O Neill mic Turlough O Neill defeated Conn O Donnell at Atha Daire [ford of the oaks] where O Donnell was killed.

Conn son of Aed Roe O Neill was nominated to be the O Neill.
Hugh Roe resigned his lordship.

That year there was a famine in all Ireland.

The barony of Armagh belonging to Tuait Eacada went to Owen Mac Hugh mac Nectan m Airt.

The Ui Neill were decendants of Ailill one of the sons of Niall m Eaocaid Mugmedoin, Lord of Slaves in 400 AD.
They were children of Mong Finn, their mother.
The brother Brain are the Ui Briuin
Fiachra the Ui Fiachara of Connacht

Ui Ailella are decendants of Naill m Muigmedoin one of Nials 8 sons of whom Eogain is one.

The pattern of intermarriage in the septs of these ancient kings and the rivalry betwen them tatters the records now avaialable.

Although the Church in Rome may have a more replete copy of their lives and internicine fued as well as the death annals all dutifly recoded in Latin.

Judi Donnelly
copyright 19 March 2011

sourse: notes from the Gill historys of Ireland volumes.

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