Wednesday, February 16, 2011



The wind is whistlinG round my window,
Whistling, whistling, round and round;
The wind is howling out its message,
Whirling, whirling on the ground;
In the distance dogs are barking,
Howling, howling, deep and dark;
In the ticking time is marking,
Marking, marking off the time.

As the wind around me creeping
Creeping, weeping, sighing sound;
To and fro my thoughts are seeping,
Seeping as the winds are blowing;
To and frow my mind is leaping,
Leaping over this than that;
All the many thoughts are heaping,
Marking marking off the time.

Remember death is just beginning,
Beginning new fresh life;
Remember here that we are winning,
Winning , winning death and life;
To die to die is just to live,
The beginning and the end;
To live is solely to forgive,
Marking, marking off the time.

As the winds around me blowing,
Howling out their futile crowing,
Saying truths and ever knowing;
Never cease their solomn howling,
'Cross the earthy, earthern floor,
Speaking out their ancient rhyme;
Marking, marking off the time.

Judi Donnelly
copright 1972 Dundee NY

'Observation 60's'

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