Monday, February 28, 2011



Somewhere far above and beyond the realm of reality
Lies a distant shore where waves of thought beat to and fro
And those who wish can ever go.

Far distant land the mind
Moon and stars above--
Clear and yet a foggy thing;
Cool ane pleasant - frightening ring.

Hard to tred there, ever wavering
Desiring to return to familiar ways,
Hearing calls - remembering days.

Tossing on hypnotic ends; carefree one moment,
Coldly deliberating to go forth. And yet,
Somewhat confused and pondering to turn again
To the familiar behind.

Judi Donnelly
Observation 60's
copyright 1972


Today I went to the traffic court,
Presented the judge with a short report.

Said he to me I will hear no more
For as a judge i know the score
No matter how much you emplore,
No matter how much you wish to roar,
Pay the fine or there's the door
To the jail up on the second floor,
Where you my dear they're waiting for,
My tickets you can not ignore,
For if you do, I'll charge you more.

A speech to me exact and short,
I felt that I should have a snort
Before I made reply to that:
And so, I gayle tipped my hat,
And laid the money on the mat,
Then chalked it up as tit for tat,
I took the change and brought a quart,
Returning from the traffic court.

Judi Donnelly
Observation 60's
copyright 1972

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