Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Treck to teh Old Farm

Treck to the Old Farm

I put out the call
And the call must come,
But there was none,
In the spring or the fall;

And the snow drifted down
On the Quarry and grave,
But were they not Brave?
And she came in her gown

Up to the old farm,
Not to ever be seen,
Not to reach out an arm
For a past never been;

And they cover the ear,
And they close up the eye,
And they hold nothing dear
As the world pass them By.

Judi Donnelly
copyright June 22 2009

Mass at the Cathederal

The beam of light doth shine
Upon the Brow of Man,
As mind and soul align
"Neith the encompassing Hand;

O light of Life
Thy spirits kin,
To keep this people free from Sin
For as we are we as we have been.

Judi donnelly
copyright Palm Sunday
April 5 2009

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