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In the Irish quartersection of 120 acres = 1 saisreach [sash real estate],a plowland.

12 Sesreach = 1 ballybetach of 1,440 acres

30 ballybetach = 43,200 acres making
1 tricha ced . A tuath.

tricha ced = 30 100s or 3000, acres.

This should be able to sustain 4 herds of cows of 75 per herd or 300 cows or 10 acres per cow.

A full quarter of the 120 acres section would be 480 acres.
To that add 40x4 160
640 a full quarter

A full quarter of a triCha Ced would be 43,200 acres
172,800 acres

In 1250 AD there were:

18 Tricha Ceds in Meath
31 in Leinster
35 in Ulster
30 in Connacht
70 in Munster
184 tuaths in all since the christain era.

These tuath lands averaged about 16x11 each and there should be 184 names of chiefs- chief of the name- and the name on the land.

4 divided by 184 would approximte 46 chiefs per Province and one over chief ,a Provincial King from these chiefs.

Of the 640 acres of the Canted with the 40 acres set aside for the ruler and the Barony/county system, 100 villages should be allocated within the 640 acres, each having use of the 100 acres.

In the Irish saisreach plowland of 120 acres
1,440 townland acres- a baile betach

and a final tricha ced of 30 bailebetachs which would be 43,200 acres.

where ULSTER HAD 35 X 43,200 = 1,512,000 acres of plow lands.

30 being the average except for Munster which was eventually split in two and each of these contained 43,200 acres of ground to split between the septs, clanns and fines, cows and crops, the luch tige.

30 100s = 3000 acres
Where the designated trica Ced do not add up to 1440 acres in a bally betagh,but rather express a 100 acre figure for a sesreach which amounts to 36,000 acres for Trica Ced not 43,200.a difference of some 7000 acres.

The Irish injection of Sesreachs and Bally be Tags and tricha Ceds do not add up.

There appears to be no combination of words to get the meaning for a bally be tach but Baile means a homestead ,a townland indicting the meaning of a beitach to be 12 homesteads or townlands making up some 1,440 acres of land between them and 30 of these townlands ,a baile made up of 30 of these townlands or bailes making up a tricha ced or a tuath area.

All I can figure that creates a quarter correlation to these 120 acres figures would be a reservation of 40 acres from the saisreach.
The sash real estate and what would with be a mensal land for their chief, a common land for the use of all the families in the townland, the back 40 as it were ,or a lake or a bog land claimed with in the sash surroundign it.

This addition of the 40 acres would increase the land to 160 quarter sections of the 640 quarter of land associated with time, space, degrees, and universe and the usual revolving of the planets and moon around the central 'li'. the sun ,the solar, giver of light, a giver of life ,the Ba al ,the heat the great expanse of sea, land ,earth ,space and time.

Judi Donnelly
copyright 15 Jan 2011
the ides

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