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Exposure to language

exposure to language

well there are some privileges to living in a middle american small town after all in that the local parks and Recreation through the peoples university program is bringing us a bit of tehGaelteacht at a nice reasonable price to learn beginning gaelic speach.

Sraid Labhair I call it. Street Talk.

The venacular now being spoken and being taught in the Republic Schools repleate with the pronunciation and the holy [naofa] 'Hs'.

From class taught in the early evening[ trathnona] we learn

IS MISE as the late modern handle for saying our name and where we live


and in our second calss we learnnwed

DIA DUIT God be with you or Hello

and its response


God and mary with you.
And also to say

[le hoil]

[go ray mah agat]

wit the sraid pronuciations where the 'h' applied in the words is eclipsing the letter before it. so
so please become le hoil and thank you becomes go ray ma agat agat being the preposition you for ag at.
to sprint good at.
Is it an attack or a beanachta????

what is being said ,the labraid is not the written form exactly.

For instance,

to say chonia a dwelling ,one would speak
With the sraid pronunciation where the 'h' applied in the word is eclipcing the letter before it,one would speaak honai without teh c .
but to find the meaning of the word in an irish/English dictionary one would look under conai which is a residene.

the word inthe speech of the people, who frequently were not taught to read or write being peasants[tuathanach{tooanna}]or Boachada[shepards],
The proverbial 'Men of ireland; would be said by teh people honai for aplace of living.The c being completely dropped in speech and teh ai being pronounced as ah such as teh gardai [gardah].
Or, with maith [good] mah = mai

mai whicvh is not inteh lttle standard Collins gneraeal irsih dictionAZry published in 1995 which i got from a volunteer at teh local libray book store for $1.00 US.a frustrated student returning.

magh is Ma inteh dictionary where is aplain the Moi or Moy.
The 'h eclipses teh g as it doew inengliosh also ina ll wors usign it sucha s thought [thout]
Huht is probably cocknye.
and tehRain in Spain is ,ainly inthe plain. I think shes got it

This sraid ;labair the caint caled late modern irish seesm tob e offically condoned wsitht eh fallo fteh gaelic order in 1607 when the academic dic tionw as anandoned and teh speech of teh people adop[ted as literary.
the fall of tehGreat O neill and the coming of teh plantation under stuart faints discarded teh entire written adn literary work of centuries in favor of teh kings allznce tot eh peasant population left to contunue speaking ehr venacular tongue.
a politicval mvoe to get tehir vote of approval and tehr cheap labor for teh plantaion system mostly.

this cainte was thus put into writign by teh assencancy calss ov teh 16 and 1700 s adding teh old classiczl canned letter speaking for to identify ing teh world.
where teh people sadi 'Uit' the english added teh correctg spelling Duit placing teh 'h' after teh d the dhuit for you.

Occationally the brits do somthing right.

Otherwise 3 centures later the whole old irish written literature including the latinized church annals would have been completly lost and its because the anglo lords and their soldiers and servitors did not understand the tongue of the irish and have like students today wrote down what they heard and apparently had access to the older more noble gael who were able somehow to give them the right letters and the glossarys and dictionary meanings as are found in Deenens and McCormac going back into the days of the early Chrisatain period.

these lesser irish nobles were frequently members of religious orders priests bishops deacons and in addition to their training in scholastic latin had a basis in spoken and written irish from their early days on their mothers milk, frster or genetic.

Teh otehr element of preservation on teh true word came fromteh children of these anglo conquers and lords who lived in comfort but wer raised by irish annnys and cooks employees of the amanor house and irishg ardnedrs adn grooms employed at teh manor house wehre they absorbed as children growing and playing the native langauge both venacular spoken word and teh eeaning and teh literal world.
the amazing mind of teh 5 eyars old computerized to insntly trasition without a bit of thought oir taranslation.

to such wer we are indebited for teh remanants of old irishm Middle Irish danish irish and French/Norman irish which takes us back toa bout 700 Ad.
there was apurer langauge before taht of gaelic recorded fromteh time of patraig and befroe these old sheepskin texts gone to heavan o rhell and perhaps only reminants now in tehfolk lore of tehsraid labraid.

the irish themselves wer forbiden scholing under teh penal laws of Willaim and marya dn the spoken and knew only the venacular speech of teh folk peasants.

today dialect is taken in preserved in the gaelteach and is what our american teacher is attempting to teach us with conversational irish sort of a pure talk.

He is however using the blackboard to put that lovely wirtten word before us repleat with the eclipsing 'Hs'.

so we will learn the B'fh uil said bwill is actually

But i didnt write downt eh english emaning and icant find a buil or a fuil that fits*


Well better luch next ime

C is always k
G is always hard g
on to the se and si

700-800 Ad Old irish nutered words male and female

1000-1350 Ad Middle irish

1350-1650 EaRLY mODERN IRSIH dropped old pronounciatiosn and syntax

1650 -2010 Late modern irish speech of people adopted
as literal language

teh Bearla fiena the text and seach of teh 1600 ad
Composition of teh4 masters taken fro teh old MS by the Cleazry Brotehrs who wer bombbarded out of their doentgal Fransican missionbyt the English.
tehir work was comleted at Eas ruad ballyshannon by these now homelss beggr monks. Judi donnelly
copyrigth 27 January 2011

sourse Gaelic literature Surveyed,Aodh de Blacam, 1974,Barnes and noble books

* B'fuil inthe dictionary = price or worth

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