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Where Cian the son of Dian Cetch mic Esric finds Eithne of the Fomoire Balar and with the arrival of Lugh begins an Irish history in the north, of the child born from Fomoire and part Danannan and part Fir Builge through his great grandmother Dela.

we have also his cousin from his grandfather Esric, brothers Elathon and Bres. All 3 sons of Dela.

These being Angus of Dagda and Mananan m Aloid as well as Buidi Derg m Eocaid ,grandson of Bres.
All of these people or personifications begin about 1500 BC.

The Buide Dearg m Eocaid m Duac Teasmair mac Bress is a derbfine giving us 4 generations where the others present only 3 and this date of 1500 BC just before the Mili from Espainia /Gallicia ,the children of Fenius Fairsaid.

Niul was taniste to Fenius and was also his son thus the sil or seed of Cinthia which introduced a Scynthian line of Soutwest Russia.
These people were allegedly decended from Noah of the Flood.
The Japhet [Iapet] in the 5th generation.

Niul and sometimes written Neill m Finusa m Ba-ath m Magog M Japhet m Noa.

This fellow, Niul of Cinthia ,was quite a solder.
He served the pharoah Cincris, king of Egypt of the tribe of Cris his soldiers and kinsmen.

As they fought with Faraos army, Niul became a favorite and hero.
He was rewarded with the Pharaohs daughter Cota.

The seed of Cota[ archers] and he Niul of the sil Cinthia.
This s'cota daugther of Cincris,coupling with Niul had a son called Gaedeal [gaydaul].

Feinius Farsaid king of Citia was his grandfather.
His mother daughter of the Farao of Egypt.

At the time 242 years after the great flood, by hebrew cronology some 72 tribal languages were spoken on 3 continents Asia, Africa and Europe.

Niul took 7 years to learn these world languages and than returned to Citia[citee] with his father Feini Fearsaid a grandson of Nimrod called Nion MAC Beil[ nUN mac Ba al] King of the world.

Feinius Fearsaid had stayed 20 years at the language school at the tower of Babel of Nimrod which was constucted to protect against a second flood as an archive for math formulas and science.

The 72 languages renamed with Eibear m Saile [Abaur m Sele] the plain of Seanair [Sauner].
To be left to the Eabra [Hebrew] speakers.

The Greeks, the Jews and the Russians wrote their alphabets of the h Eabra, the Greek ,and the Latin and the languages were divided into 5

1 Bearla na Feine of Citia

2 Bearla na Eadar Searta

3 Bearla na Tibide

4 Bearla na Gnaies

5 Bearla Gaedeal Gaelic

After his marriage and his study of the languages at Nimrods tower of Science, Niul went to S'citia to teach there in the sciences.

At this time Babylon had the division of night and day in hours and knew the position for the North Star which the Greeks got from them and the Greeks got the history from Egypt.

At that time the Nile was called the Furann.

Niuls child by s'cota was born at Campus Cirit on the Red Sea.
This was Gaedeal.
At that time Cincris who was Pharaoh held Isreal in bondage in Egypt. So this was between Joseph and Moses.
This Red sea land was given to Niul and his decendants by Cincris and Gaedil[Gaedeal] had there his son ,Easru and his grandson Sru, grandson of Gaedeal Mic Niul.

The Gaedeal were banished from Egypt by Pharaoh Intuir against their will at the time of Sru and these went to Espania.

He first took his people to old Scitia, than to Crete and finally to Spain.
This occured 15 Pharaohs after the settlement with Niul.

When Brata mic Dealgata went to Espania and at this time, 1080 years after the S'citia, Niul mac Feine Fearsaid had settled at the Red Sea, Galam, called Milid ,the solder, married S'cota 2, daughter of
Nectonibus, than Pharaoh of Egypt.

The s'cota were archers and were called Eibear S'cot[Abar S'cot].

They were expelled from S'citia after Agnon or Agnaman killed their cousin Reafloir who was king of Citia.

He was Aghnaman mic Beodhaman [bodran] mic Easbear S'Cot mic Sru mic Easru mic Gaedeal mic Niul .
6 generations from Niul.

These Gaelil tribes went in 60 ships westward through the narrow sea for the North Ocean, Pontus, to Caronia which is an island and stayed there a year on Sliabe Rife in the Caucusus mountains.

They were 8 generations in Gotia [Gotha] from EibearScot to Brata mac Dealgata of Spain.
From there they went to Spain/ Gallicia and then to Ireland and all this time they were Nomad herders of sheep and cows.

These were the decenadants of Feine Fearsaid ,king of S'Cithia on the east side of the Black Sea .
A place known to the Greeks as Cochis or Crimea and yalta.
Where Jason got his wife Media who, out of jelousy killed his children and this may be the very basis of fosterage amongh the Irish.

Brata of Espania mac Dealgata took wife of the Brigantes and their child was Breogain[ breowen] who married Bile, ingin Nema and that child was Milead [Milaud] called Galam Biscam [ray hand crooked vice], and his child was Eireamon who married Tea daughter of Lugaid m Ith m Brogen of Gallicia.

And so begins the history of the Milisia in Erinn and their conquest of the island from the Dainanan who held it from the Fear Builge who so far achieve the status of the aboriginal peoples.
Children of the AlDaei.

Judi donnelly
copyright 15 december 2010

sourse: My Notes from Ceitinn* Fearsa Forsa, Volume 8 book 1 published in early 1800 AD
no publisher noted in world cat. Probably Royal Irish Society

*He is called Keating in the Anglo and he was part anglo but Cei should be pronounced Catinn as 'ei' is the long A sound.

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