Friday, November 19, 2010



All the day the snow it come
Than the wind began its hum,
Building drifts and pilin' snow
Higher, higher did it go;

By the nite, it never quit,
Pilin' driftin',bit by bit,
A foot or two or three or four
Or where there's driftin' even more.

Guess she's quitin', lettin'up!
Time to go and get her wupped
Sure looks like a bad un pup,
Says the driver, 'fore he goes
Out to battle off the snows.

Emmett, man, the roads are bad!
Bad, as bad we ever had,
Naw! Why I remmber when-
Back when I wsd 9 or 10-

Emmett!n take ol' 38
Com'on. Lets go. Its gettin' late.
Sure can't let them people wait.
Mark your time. Say! Whats the date?

Whats the trouble Won't she start?
Yeh, Yeh, Yeh- Just shake that part
She's an old girl-
One more whirl-

There she goes! Good Ol'Truck
All it takes-a bit a' luck;
Let her rattle there a sec,
Damn! She sure is a wreck!

A good 'un though- I'll tell you that;
Emmett gave his truck a pat,
Dropping down a monstrous plow
Rivited across her bow,

Out into the drifting snow
Slowly out the truck did go,
Black and grizzly- creaking woe-
Sort of funny too, you know

Like a dragon through the deep,
Slowly lining snow a heap;
Up and down the flats and hills
Clanking,banging, through these ills,

Through the rising of the sun,
Taking each road one by one,
Till each tiny place be done,
And the total battle won.

Well, let' get her up that route,
That's the last one just about;
Sometimes bad up at the crossing,
If the road has got some glossing;

Slowly climbing up the crest,
Clinking, clanging at its best;
Here she comes- The big old plow-
We'll all be getting out soon now.

Emmett, man, its bad up here,
I think this road will cost us dear;
Naw- she'll make it this old girl;
To and frow the snow did hurl.

On and on, through the drifts.
Digging out the trailing rifts,
Engine buzzing, huming still,
Going on with gut and will;

Purring, growling, coughing, howling,
Like a snow beast hungry prowling,
Rolling on a ceaseless prowing,
Never to its foe allowing,

Peace or rest or silent blowing,
Not while '38 was going.
Emmett--Looky , There's the line
Sure she's plowed a road behind.

What the hell--
Whats that smell?
Gosh I think she's goin' to blow!
Emmett, jump! Get out! Let's go!

Surely rests a blacken'd hulk
Doors askew- A weightless bulk
Resting in the snow to sulk

'38 just sort of died;
Still full of heart,and full of pride
Somehow made her last great ride.

By her bottom did she go
Back down the road, down through the snow;
Through the town, her doors askew
As if telling me and you

That her very life was done,
That her battle had been won,
That this was her last, last run.

Judi Donnelly

copyright 1971
Dundee NY

written at the dining table watching the old plow go back down the road

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