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Life of Findchua mFinnlog 1

The Life of Findchua m Finnlog*

When Blathmac son of Aed Slaine of Bregia was high king of Ireland a Ulaid hospitaler [hoteler] caled Findlog a son of Setna and the Mugnorna line of Eirc Ruad m Brian [Briuin] m Eochu Muigmedon lost his wife of 30 years, Coimel ingen Aed Fogact of Fir Breg.

When she died he suffered the wasting desease until his friend the son of the king of Ireland, who was Blathmac m Aed Slaine, induced him to woe a young girl.

This was Idnait, ingen of Flann Redside [derg colba] of the Cianachta of Glenn Geiminat, Comar Cinnsleibe.

Findlog subsequenty woed this girl until she became with child by him and at this same time Findlog conspires with a foster brother and his friend Fiacha Suigde ,the son of the king Blathmac, to over through his father, king of Tara.
They accomplished this task and placed Diarmait m Aed Slaine brother of Blathmac on the throne of Ireland at Tara.

Mael Tuile the confessor of Findlog ,his soul friend, discovers that the girl is pregnant and Mael Tuile predicts this child will be famous.
He therefore asks for the child still in the womb to be dedicated to God and study.

These men than recieved the bestowal from the king of Connacht ,Eocu dryflesh [tur feoid] who sent them to Oengus m Nat Fraich of Munster at Cashel and this Provincial king ordains them a piece of land at Muig Ruith [south ireland] where Mael Tuile and Findlog build a lovely raith Called Rath Hua Cuile where they gave a banquent on the mountain west of the Raith for the king of Femoy, Mellenn m Torc.

Idnait desired a drink of their feising ale but she was refused by the brewers.
she was angered and went and slipped the hoops from the ale vats and it ran over the floor and when Femoy found the ale spilled he went to slay this troublesome pregnant girl.

However her pregnancy saved her and in the darkness she was able to reach Rath Hua Cuile safely.

She thus deliverd her child shortly therafter and he was taken to Ailbe of Imlech Ibaid and baptized ,blessed an named Findchua by the priest.

His relatives than took the babe back to Raith Cuile for 7 years at which time he was to be sent again to the priest for study.

However the king of Teffia, Cumuscach ,son of a sister of Findchua the child asked to foster this child and he is sent to Ard na Rigraide at Loc Ri {Ree] for 7 years.

Cumuscach one of the chilren of Niall was subseqeuntly visited by a ciruiting christian bishop,
Comgall and he took note of this child ,a perfect boy,and Congal gave the child of 7 ,Findchu m Findlog,'love'.
and asked for the child which was assigned to Comgall.
The boy gave 'love' to Congall and went with him to Bangor at Ulster to study.

At this time a medow belonged to Comgall was guarded for him by slaves.
Findchu offered at quard this medow of grass on an island with some boys and all is peacefull till the king of Ulaid, Scannlan m Dunadach came with his army and bonnacht his horses in this medow.

Findchu drove these out 3 times and finaly cursed the horses and turned them to stone.
This field called henceforth, Gort na Liac[ field of flagstone]
or Fergort n Mogad[ Men medow of slaves].

King Scannlan is enrarged by this and summons Comgall.

He recognises Findchua as he comes amongst all Comgalls students and the 2 of them are angry.

However Findchu expresses his anger through magic and engulfts the king in dirt in his anger.

Congall however advises,
'For Gods sake my little son! Let not anger seize thee'
and a peace is made after Findchu answers,
Why should not anger seize me when I am outraged over the only grazing field we have?'

King Scannlan says he will back whatever Comgall awards the lad and Congalls gives Findchu the 7 milk cows given by the king each year for 30 years after he ,Comgall ,dies and the Abbey of Bangor is awarded to Findlogs son.

Findchua is appeased and returns the earth around the king back in its place.
However in repenting his anger, Findchu had hidden his head under the cowl[hood worn over the head] of Congall and set it afire.

The cowl gone to flames Comgalls successors are not lawfully allowed to wear a cowl.

The 3 miricles were:
Turning the horses to flagstones
Raising the earth around king Scannan
Burning the cowl of the teacher.

Congall dwelt after that at Bangor for 9 years and Congall feeling death near, sent for Ailbe at Imlec Ibair who came to Bangor with a crowd of clerics and the 3 men,Congall, Ailbe and Findchu conclude a treaty of union.

Congall then dies and Findchu ,son of Findlog reamains at Bangor Abbey for another 7 years.
At the end of 7 years Findchu is expelled from Ulaid and Bangor and comes to Cashel at Munster and the king of Munster , Cathal m Aed and this king gives him land.

Findchu finds the land he wants at Mag Maistertha in the east of Fermoy.

He rings his bell which answers him in Echo on Fan Muilt, slope of wethers. [ wether is a castrated male lamb].

Here they settle with horses, kine [ cattle ] and sheep but the locals did not welcome this arrival and kill the herds.

However Findchu send his cook to the king of Munsters steward for fire and the king is told he has set his sights on Fan Muilt where are the kings storehouses and cow yards.

His consort, Mugain, ingen of Fiachrach Finn, Ri of Loch Lein [ Lakes of Kerry] Eoganacht.
is unhappy at this and the king asks what rent the Queen of Munster has been paid.

the steward tells the king.

1 white sheep
all the claeaning and washing services of the household
[later the laundries employing the fallen women]The Magdalein
and malt from 9 townlands surrounding the raith
[termon lands]

The king sends Findchu a messanger to see if he agrees to this rent and if not to tell him to go someplace else.

Findchu agrees to the rent and he builds
Cuil Muilt [Wether Recess]
The houses of his retenue roofed and the rest alloted to the 9 townlands.

Judi Donnelly
copyright 14 September 2010

from: 'the Anecdota'
Lives of Saints #5 ,the Book of Lismore, Whitley Stokes, DCL, translation Clarendon Press, 1890 ,Oxford.

* the finnloga line comes up in the geneology of the kings of Erin as grandson of Blathacta m Ease Muin Eamna m Roignein Ruid m Fionnloga whose son was Finnlug and the grandson Finngoll and the great grandson Fintan the father of Finn mc Cumall.

This line is dated around 50 BC

The rights of women and children were entirely subject to male dominence even as to the disposition of their unborn and new children in the early christian era of st Pat.

The priests and rulers were perfectly content in taking children at will for pets, love, or other purposes and the mothers were not secure even if they were married under church law to the various rulers.

This subjugation of women and their reproductive rights was finally ended in the Republic by such exposures as The Magdeline Laundries film and other protests as to the control of women and their excusion from the male dominated church and educational/governmental systems.

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