Monday, September 20, 2010



Someone has made it
With loving care,

Each tiny stitched linen
Enduring the wear

Of daily markings
And tossing about,
And children and washings,
Still it is stout;

Faded in spots,
Once bright navy blue,

Yellowed--the white squares
Yet still holding true;

The pattern is starry,
with daisys between,
The corners just frayed--
Only two at the bottom--
Where they cannot be seen;

Well have you warmed me
good quilt

Worth millions and billions
On a cold winter morn;

I lay you up gently,
And pat you with care,
For the summer has come
When the wind's warm and fair;

Rest old blanket,
And sleep, till the fall.

I shall forget you
Through the warm summer nite,

But 'long towards the winter
When the wind's good and stout,

I'll remember you fondly,
As I get the quilt out.

Judi Donnelly

copyright 1971

Dundee Ny

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