Thursday, September 9, 2010



Deep within the winter night,
Hight above the peeping light
Of Stars, so clear and sparkly there;
While we down on earth must care
For things like fires and keeping warm
Or how to run a busy farm,
Or getting out to work that day.
Or of the least expensive way
To pack the lunches, fix the meals,
Or figure out the best of deals;
Or giving gifts , or spending time:
Its crossing by the yard that I'm
A little peaved at God to know,
Its in the time of cold and snow,
That He has g'ven stars this glow,
And lets this beauty by us creap
Away to day, while ma's asleep.

Judi Donnelly
copyright 1971

from: Poems Dundee NY

Sitting around waiting for Glen V to conn Theresa Pollacks mom out of something.

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