Monday, September 20, 2010



Than came a poet 'or the land
A simple flute within his hand,

He scampered 'long the silent road
And finaly saw a fine abode,

A house of God he did espy
A fine fit place for him to Lay;

A moments choice the minstrel made
Moving on across the glade

Some notes of Joy his wistle blew
And those directly to the kichen flew,

His lordships son
A lad of 4

Immed'ly flew o'en the door
And saw the poet on the land,

Dancing near beneith the wood
An angle surely if he could

Become a berefoot flying cheribim
Grace abounding from each limb;

The lad of 4 did dance and smile
O Poet sing and stay awhile,

And so the countryside did ring
A peasant soon became a king

The lowly flute in birdlike sound
Reverberated from sky to ground,

At last the sun did make its way
Across the sky to end the day;

And as the wind ,in merry girth
Did fling its breese across the earth,

The wave of beasts and oceans Sea
Came once again to Even's peace,
And all below felt good increase;

O Chief and minstrel of the land
The Lady earth extends her hand,

An Bother the magical abode
As night decended along the Road.

Judi Donnelly
copyright September 19, 2010

dedicated to:

the Man from Birr
No longer the colorless Premier

Not call elections till the child is born
Nine months more of old King Corn

E ,E, E, E, E, Euro
Na nua Etain

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