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It is noble indeed was the race of Columcille as to this word; and he had a right through his blood to the kingship of Ireland but he put it from him for the sake of God.

One time Fintain had a vision, and he saw in the vision two moons that rose up from Cluan Eriad, the one a silver moon and the other a golden moon.
The golden moon went on towards Scotland and the northern part of Ireland;
and the silver moon went on till it stopped by the Sionnan and lightened the middle part of Ireland.
Columcille now was the golden moon with his high race and his widsdom;
and Ciaran was the siver moon with the brightness of his virtures and his pleaasant ways.

And the place where he was born was Gortan in the north; and it was on a Thurdsday he was born, that has from that time been a lucky day.

And inded it was a wonderful child was born that day,Columcille son of Fedilmid son of Fergus son of Connal Gulban son of Niall of the Nine Hostages.

There was not a man of higher race or of greater name born of the Gael.
And he was brough for baptism to Cruithnechan the nobel priest;
and it was he who fostered him afterwards at the bidding of an angel; and it was angels that gave him his name.

And when the time for reading came to him, the prist went to a knowledgeable man that was in the county and asked him when would it be right for the little lad to begin.
And when the knowledge man had looked at the sky he said
"write out the letters for him now."

So the letters were written out upon a cake,and it is the way Columcille ate the cake, one part to the east of the water and the other part to the west of the water.

And the knowledgeable man said then through his prophecy,
"It is the same way the sway of this young lad will be, one half to the east of the sea in Scotland, and the other half to the west of the sea in Ireland"

After he left his fosterer he went from place to place for a while until he came to where Fintain was at Cluan Eraid, and he built as cabin there.

And at that time everone of the twelve saints of Ireland used to take his turn to grind meal in a quern through the night;
but it was an angle of God in heaven used to grind for Coluimcille.

One night a very beautiful young man in shining clothes came to Coluimcille in the night time and said;
"God be with you, and be stong now and steadfast, for God has sent me to keep you for ever and always from all the sin of the world.

But Columcille was afraid and asked him who he was.

I am Axal he said ,"that is a helper and angle of the Lord;
and it is to help you and to proected you from every danger and trouble of the word I am come."

And from that time there were many angels used to be coming to his help, but it is likely Axal was the one that was always at hand.

One time Coluimcille was sitting in his little cell, and he writing and of a sudden his looks changed and he called out
" Help! Help!"
Than two of the brothers that were at the door asked the cause of that cry.
And Columcille told them that of a sudden he had seen one of the brothers falling from the highest point of a high house, that was being built in Doire

"And I bade the angle of the Lord he said that was just now standing among you to go to his relief.
And with all the land and sea that lay between", he said, "the angel that had but left us as he began to fall was there in time to support him before he reached the ground, so that there was no hurt or bruise upon him at all.
And that was wondeful help he said that could be given so very quickly as than.

Aedh, King of Ireland gave up the dun he had in Doire to Columcille and he made his dwelling there.
And he had so great a love for Doire , and the cutting of the oak trees went so greatly against him,that he could not find a place for his church the time he was building it that would let the front of it be to the east,
and it is its side was turned to the east.

And he left it upon those that came after him not to cut a tree that fell of itself or was blown down by the wind in that place to the end of nine days, and then to share it between the people of the townland, bad and good, a third of it to the great house and a tenth to be given to the poor.

And he put a verse in hymn after he was gone away to Scotland that shows there was noting worse to him than the cutting of that oakwood:

"Though there is fear on me of death and of hell, I will not hide it that I have more fear of the sound of an axe over in Doire."

from: A book of Saints and Wonders
Lady Gregory, 1906
from the old writings and the memory of the people of Ireland

Coluimcille ,his church name, was born to Fedlimid O Donnell [Domnaill] on 7 December 521 AD.

He was a Great Great Grandson of Niall of the Nine Hostages .
His Mother was Eithne of the Lagaen {Leinster}.

He was ordained a priest of the Church at Clonard by the Boyne and founded Doire [do=of ire =Ireland] at age 24.

He founded the abbey at Hii [Iona] in 563 AD at age 42.

He returned to Ireland in 575AD to attend the convention of DruimCeatt
And died at Iona.
He was allegedly buried at Down with St Patrick and Bride
At Iona and At Doire Abbey.

presented by
Judi Donnelly
copyright 9 September 2010

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