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When Nat Fraechs son Oengus was king of Munster a child was born at Ciaraige Luachra of the Altraig Caille of Corcu Duibne on the south Atlantic at Tralee bay across from the Dingle peninsula.

This child was blessed and special from birth and the people saw him as a vision .as related to the bishop Eirc ,as a child full of grace and the holy spirit.

His father was Findlug decended from the maic Olchon ,the 11th derbfine of father, son, grandson and great grandson since maic Rosa 1100 years earlier.
His mother unnamed.

At this time the child was to be born a prophet called Bec mac De [littel son of breathe] came to the home some distance from that of Findlug at the Altraig, and this prophet told Airde m Fidach that a worthy king would be born that night between his hostel and the sea and on that same night 30 cows gave birth to 30 calves at the wealthy hostel of Airde.

In the morn Airde m Fidach went out and asked for the house where the little child was born and he found Finnlugs house and the babe and blessed the newborn child with the 30 cows and their calves.
These were Brenains first alms.

He than lifted up the child in his arms and announced he would foster him forever.

The bishop, who had heard the vision at the childs mother, beheld a wood in flame in Altraig, his parish ,and that tended by Angels in bright white garments.

He came early next moring to Findlugs house and took the child in hand saying:
'O man of God take me to thee as thy own monk.'
He than baptized the small newborn infant.
His parents Findlug and his wife called the child MOBI.

Shortly therafter a Broenfinn came upon the land and filled the entire Fenet townland in Kerry .This deep white mist fog know as white rain a Broenfinn.

3 purple molti [weather lambs] were paid for the baptism fee and his parents kept the infant in his own house for a year.

He was fostered than to his foster mother ITA ,where he stayed 5 years with the nun and her virgins.
All in white habit and he read his psalms for the bishop Eirc at Altraighe and he had his own sister Brig with him there whom he loved.

When Broenfinn was 10 he was with bishop Eirc who took him in the carpait with him to preach to an order of monks.

Brenain remained in the cart singing psalms when a full grown blond woman daughter of the king there , teased and tempted the child.
But MOBI took the reigns of the chariot and beat her so that she cried out and ran screaming to the palace.

The bishop came and chided the child` for beating the young woman and as penance he was sent into a local cave for the night.
Brenain sang there and his voice like that of Coluim cille was heard for a thousand paces on either side and his melodieous voice rang out from the cave of Fenit.
From that time on, no one but the champion Finnan the Bent could look at the childs radiant face.

At a later time Brenain and the bishop met a frightened young man on the road with 7 wariours behind him bound to do him to death.

Brenain than baid the youth lie in the shadow of a nearby pillar stone and when the 7 warriors came they mistook the stone for the victim beheaded the stone, stabbed it in the side and took the beheaded top with them in the shape of the head of their enemy.
The pillar stone still stands there as Brenain had turned the stone into the man and the man himself into the standing stone.
and thus the 7 warriors repented there deed forever.

Brenain then left the bishop Eirc and went to Connacht to Iarlaithe Mug mac Tren m Fiacc m Moch m Bresal m Sirach m Fiacha the Fair where he learned all the rules of the Irish saints.

on his way there to the west of Connacht he had studied with Colman mac Lenin the warrior whom he met on the road.

Lenin the warrior repented his past deeds and he built a church to the Lord.

When the studies with old Iarlaithe were done, a chariot was built to carry the old man to the place of his reserrection [place of dying] and this to be when the shaft of the cart broke and this did occur not far from his western home at Tuain da Gualau , Mound of the 2 shoulders, and there Iarlaithe is buried in this graveyard.

Broen then went on to Mag Ai and there as an Aingel [angel] met him on the road he wrote the whole church rule which still remains for the ecclesiatic.
Also the rule of the Aingels,
And the rule of the Saints of Ireland.
These have been written by Broen Find , MOBI.

He went to bishop Eirc and was confirmed a priest and he thence desired to be in a land separate from men but comfortable and a voice came to him and told him his desire would be fullfilled and he would find the Land of Promise and the Saint thus went up Sliab Daidche and he gazed out at the whole mighty dofolachta[intolerable] ocean on every side. For 3 days he stayed there and then he slept wence an angel came and taught him how to find the beautiful Ilse he sought and desired. the Inse.

When Brenain left Sliabe Daidche he went to his family where he asked them to build 3 large vessels with 3 sails made of hides and 3 rows of oars for each ship and 30 men aboard each ship not all of them clerics.

And so Brenain m Finnlug sailed over the wave voice of the strong sea and over the green waves and the mouth of the bitter salt ocean full of monsters and great sea whales.

For 5 Years these 3 ships thus sailed and they suffered no loss of their people or any injury.

They had provision from the sea and so God fed them as he had fed the 5000 on the 5 loaves and 2 fishes.

The family of Brenain who were with him ,urged him to land the ship for Easter and they kept a calender of time and the direction of the voyage and Brenain let God provide for the Easter with a level island in the ocean where they celebrated Easter for 1 day and 2 nights and returned to their vessel wence the island disapeared beneith the sea.
And this celebration they did for 7 Years.

[this so reminds me of the song Balli Hi my special Island from the musical South Pacific.
Balli Hi I hear you calling come to me come to me].

Brenain saw a devil came upon the vessel and none other saw him but the creature foul sat upon the sails and he the devil revealed the gates of Hell to Brenain.
A rough hot foul, bitter ,flaming river fearsome and devoid of comfort and tormenting.

Shortly they found a maiden in the sea fully grown of yellow hair and white as the foam .Dead. A spearhead passed through her chest.

This maiden of the seas Breanain revived by miracles and baptized her and then she died again and was buried there of the sea.

They came to an island and sailed round it for 12 days but did not land and after the 7th year of voyaging, Brenain returned to his own country where his own tribe and folk came to meet him and brought him gifts and treasure.

He therafter confered with his bishop Eirc and his foster mother ITa who advised him to sail again for his land of Promise where mens blood had never been shed.
On this advise of Ita, he traveled to Connacht where a great vessel was built and he again embarqued with his household and his people, plants seeds, wrights ,and smiths and a buffoon and all told they were 60 men.
they sailed of to Aran.

When they had landed at Aran where Enda dwelt, they remained there for a month with PuPu and Rochath and going thence westward from Aran they came to a great lofty beautiful island filled with mice like Sea Cats.
The strand and traiga so full of them they coud not land least they be swallowed up.

The crew brethern asked Brenain what these mice desired and he replied 'To eat us and swallow us up.'

He sent the buffoon to communion of the body and blood of Christ as he woud soon go th eternal life as Brenain heard the Aingels calling him.

The buffoon was happy at this and wondered what good things he had done to be taken at once to Heaven and with exceding joy he leaps to shore and the muircats devoured him all but a few bones.

His brethern hence buried him and his name was entered into the martyology.
[How they acquired the few bones from the traig is not stated.]

After they left this lovely island, the smith on board took ill and died.
The consept of immediate entry to Heaven upon death then reserrection was deeply engrained in this early christian doctrine and hence he did not fear death as an end but merely a tranference to another more perfect world.

This belief holds today in 2010 amongst the extreme folowers of Islam and hence gives individuals a greater ability to tred into danger, to explore and to act out, then would normally be instintive self preservation.
It is an understanding almost pre requisite to wars of which Christianity has brought an unending dedication to death reserrection and the eternal end.

The breathern were conserned over this burial of the dead smith as burial could not take place as there was no land.

Brenain declared the body should be buried in the waves of the sea for he who had made Heaven and Earth was also able to contain and part the waves.
The body was hence weighted down to decend beneith the waves ,unable to rise to the brine and unable to move hither and thither by the weight just as it would be placed in a grave contained on land.
Where it would remain until judgment day.

The consept of burial in one place, a containment of bones and skulls on land rather than at sea very pagan and ancient to mariners.
Perhaps older than the Flood and visual today on the great hilltop cairns in Ireland near the sea. Towering castles of ancient burial sites of a people of the sea.
The Sligo one,Strandhill, visable on both sea and land and holding a mystery of its own site. An attraction to it above , urging the desire to go there.

After the burial they landed in a harbor of a small island.
The harbor filled with black devils and pygmies.

They cast out their anchor there for 7 days and nights and at the end of that time they are unable to raise this anchor and had to cut it loose amongst the rocks.

It should be there still today and can be found when the great sea dries up and strangers can walk upon the bottom among the carnage and pillage of mans life upon the briny deep.
As it tries today to map with bathaspere and drag net.

Brenain conmissioned one of the untrained prists to cast a new anchor and blessed this clerics hands that the priest made as anchor so wonderful that none has ever been found like it before or after.

The ship voyaged onward westward its Aingel carryed on its prow before it and came to another small island with fish which had gone from the ocean sea shore into enclosures within this ford.

A church of stone aand a white man in prayer this old ancient bloodless fleshless and a leather skined enclosure of bones.
A mummy who spoke and told them to flee swiftly this island for the monster Sea Cat[muircat] living on this island greatly overgrown from feeding on the islands plenty.

The men immediatly returned to their vessel and row away and view the seacat coming after them and they were praying out of fear as this monster with eyes bigger than cauldrons, the mouth of a leopard, hair on him and boars tusk; the strength of a lion and the tenacity of a hound dog.

When Brenainn prayed to God to relieve them a great whale [mioilmor] arose beteen the ship and this cat and they battled savagely drowning each other and never more seen again.

They than retured to the old leather man at the stone Church and the old man told them he was of the men of Ireland.
12 who had gone on pilgrimage and that muircat had come with them as a little dear bird.

The work of today have really proven the science that todays birds were once dinosaurs who may have been these muircats.
[a cath in irish is a battle].

The 11 other pilgrims had eventually died leaving the old leather man there alone.
He desired Brenain to give him the body and blood of Christ that he may go to Heaven and they administed the sacraments and this old pilgrim died and went to Heaven.
He is buried there on the island with his 11 pilgrim brethern in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghoast.

The old man had directed them on to the Land of Promise they were seeking and they went on to it ending this 7 year voyage.
Here, before they landed a voice came saying:

O Ye toilsome men!
O hallowed pilgrim
O Folk that entreat the Heavenly reward!
O ever weary life expecting this land
Stay a little now for your labor.'

and he said to them,

'Why do ye not take this noble beautiful land where a human beings blood has never been shed?
And wherein it is no need to bring sinners and evil men.'

[note the Souix and previous refusal of natives americans to pollute the earth with the dead.
Raising them instead on racks in the sun for the birds to pick their bones clean and the pagan Irish cremation when then Ireland had no graves at it does today .
Many cairns on the mt tops and the Norwegian placement of bodys on the burning ship sent out to sea.
The land was to be kept pure and free of human sinners. No bodies to the mother earth .India too also has funeral pyres and ashes to the river for the dead.]

He had entreated them to leave everything that they had and come into the land which they did.

The old man invited them to search the plains of paradise and the fields of the radient profitable land,
blessed and full of sweet smelling flowers.

A land of health and no sickness
Union with out envy
Freedom without labor.
Unity with angels.
Feasting with out exaction
A life blessed, just, protected and noble; without darkness and any sin, without weakness,
having shining uncorruptable bodies.

Vast in light and fruitfulness,
stability ,secure precousious, melodious and holy.
Peaceful and unified.

Truly the American Dream.

Happy is, said he, the old glory man, where BrainFind m Findlug shall call into union to inhabit forever the island where we stand.

And perhaps that call, the gortmor of the Irish potato of sir Walter Raleigh, minister of the Queen.

The voice personified in the old man with no rainement. His body covered by white feathers like a dove and his voice like an aingel.
His bell is struck and thanksgiving tierce is sung.

This the preaching made by Sylvester, Abbot of Rome
[Abbacys were hereditary]
to Constantine the Emperor ,son of Helena, over king of the World, at the Great Assembly ,when Constantine offered Rome to Peter and Paul.

This preaching came to Phillip, son of Gordian, king of Rome from Fabien ,successor of Peter and this Elijah preaches from his book.

The souls of righteousness
come in the form of
Bright white Birds.

And thus Elijah speaks of his love, the sorrows of Doomsday and hell.
Then the birds full of joy, become sorrowful and beat their wings till streams of blood flow out of them of these 2 Sorrows of Heavens Kingdom.

This with the exotic strife of Doomsday and the Day of Judgement and the Book of Names held by St Peter at the gates to meet out the punishments to sinners and rewards for rightousness and the message of unity through the intervention of BroenFinn son of Findlug, that we, mankind, may reach a unity with God forever.

And thus ends the Stokley translation of the Brussles MS written in Gaelic of the life and voyages, the Rama, of this holy child of south west Ireland born and alive in the christain early era.

No mention is made his return from his second voyage when he and his crew and family found the Land of Promise and perhaps the basis for the old practice of wakeing the emmigrant to America by the common peasants of Ireland that they would never return to Erinn and hence woud be dead to that land and thus it is so.
Even when the emmigrant has lost his family ,his land right ,his language, his community and place and when he returns seeking this, he becomes a rich American tourist.

Judi Donnelly
copyright 25 September 2010

Anecdota Oxoniensia, Lives of Saints ,from the Book of Lismore #5, Whitley Stokes DCL, Oxford, 1890

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