Monday, August 30, 2010


This is a time line by the spelling and meaning of the langauge as written .
the other confusion from gaelic to english and the latin is the use of ci or ce
is the s sound in english useage but the irish is unclear if ci or ce should be
soft like s or hard like k.
the loss of the gramatic rules.
ch is the cc in latin the ccurcc or church.
in the gaelic both scot and irish kirk or curc like ruairc or erc or eirc or now
the eire.
by world war 2 which have been watching to celebrate the return of the troops
from iraq
irac qu, in the whatever language it is ,norman french probably, is the irish
ce and ay the quay would be in the irish cae or some such.
a waterport and our dublin is a quay this quay that quay
the irish say kay which is the cae .
so much for devalera restoring the language for the common people.
z=ts so anzio is antsio .
the grandson of the T si top faery. the faeri.
the survivors certainly thought so for the rest of their lives.
and it was the polish who took the abbey at cassino but it was churchill who
planned the operation and kept them there for months.
the flanders of world war two.
The great sacrifice to the curc ,the kirk. the blood of the only c left as the k
the Ch Ri St
shi ri st what is that.

The Shadow of the Cross
Falls over the land
As fighters groan above the earth
500 bombs, rockets
machine guns,
600 rounds a minute,
Again it comes, the Cross in the sky
Great Fortress with engine flying by
Its guns a heavy star
The shadow of the Cross
Across the lowly earth
For what its worth
No Date
Batonrouge ! 'Was the ton red genie'
The tele has come
The Gold Star hung
'Babe' was being ,in the Gaelic
Death came
27 May 1944
No one remembers where.
There were 997 died that day at
Cis ter Ci
On June 4 the third infantry battalion rode into Rome
On June 6 , D Day
And the shadow of the Cross remains at Normandy this day.
Judi Donnelly
copyright August 22 2010

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