Tuesday, August 31, 2010

we were in theWar

We Were in The War

It came in on the Moon
When I was 7,
In the night it shone
Brightly and woke me
On my bed by the great window.

I watched it,
The great picture
The Jesus and His Supper
In the moon.

But we were never alone
A sister came,
sister Barbara the Novice,
In her white Novice habit
White shoes
all white
The Young.

I told her it was Jesus
and his Last Supper
but she could not see it
She was too old.

She said she would tell Sister
To go back to sleep,
I had to go back to sleep.
It was for the blood for the Battle.

What time was it was it 3 Am
5 hours difference
Which one? I knew Not.

They moved me after that.
Away to the city
New School
New Dirt
New people
It was public school
I refused to go there.

There was always the War
In the distance
In the moon
In the Radio
In the comic book
The secret power
The tommy gun

Winter cold
Pinned down

25 April Torgau ,Elbe
26 Berlin
30 Reichtaig.

Roosevelt Dead

What will happen to us now?

v E Day


The Railroad bridge a veiwng spot for kids.

the Troop passed by
The crowd cheered
Kisses and confetti
May 8 Surrender.

The War is Over.

Camps opened
May 1, 1000 thousand for house creamation

May 5

May 11, Mathhausen Austria

33 million, 9 million, 113 million dead.

We cared nothing for the date
The month
The year
They were never known.

We must win
Blood pact Tojo

March 20 Okinawa

100 thousand Japs
500 planes

kama kazi
[Cama catsi]
How soilder Battle Frenzy

Banzia h Ail [high desire]

5300 ships
76 thousand planes
2000 landing craft

The life has gone out of them



No resque
Sharks came
880 dead
She had delivered her cargo
The ship was torpedoed
the city of the indians
gone as the Miami
Who are the Mi?

The '29 was loaded

The air ship named

Enola Gae
the woman
[His day spear the gae]

atom bomb

8.15 Am 6 August 1945
Exploded 6 miles high
43 seconds
Cleared the path

100,000 obliterated
Below the Athmosphere
Below the Sea

100 thousand burned

100 thousand radiation

1 half century

Tokio [ To cio]

August 8 Niagasaki
11.02 AM
40 thousand dead
Supreme Council
6 members
1 Emperor

god Hi Ro

Rain came

1/4 million Japs gone from Earth [his ard] our home

Impressions on the body
Photographs of the buildings gone.
No bones.

8 September
Surrender by the 7 [ the Tal] to yeild

The Supreme Council
1 Man the Hi Ro desides.
VJ Day

The trains were running
The world without War
Not avaialabe.

Bodys came Under the blue tarp
The cloth of gold
'Or the body on the streacher
Tied with cord.

No plastic body bags

3507 ' he Ros' came home.

Home to the red maple trees
Home to the solitude
Home to the Wind
Home to the lonely bell


The Rod rises
Over the grave
Children of the power of the Spear
But not the power to Know
The Ghoast renewed.

They broke something so much deeper
They broke the spirit At Bataan
[Bay it is the]

Perhaps there was feeling
Perhaps not
Best buried in a Dream
The Tam
The remembrance
Behind a screen.
Not to know for an instant

Remember War
The grace of consealment
The Faery Fog.

No one knows
No one Fathoms
The deep
The dream
The Death
The violence of the mind.
The Ghoast The Host

Rememberace meant,

There was no time to be,
You must survive.

[Dream slaughter childen of the land]

Ne og lac
[child young soldier]

Now Padri of Peace
Mentor of Progress
Builder of Future
Defender of Order
World Order.

Migrant of the future
The Work will set you free

New music
New retail
New Travel
New house
New child
New god

Teathered to the past

War to full,
It to end,
Comrade Forever,
Christ in Service to each other
the Legion
The Veteran
The man of the past and the Future
Where was Truth

Are they mad!

The War remained in the head.
In the body
In the sense
In the mind
In the Soul

They became devoted to each other
A camp.
The Tan
The Tain
The Tam

We have not gone away


Covered in the moss on the Mountainside
In the Wind
In the Air

It never goes away
It Possesses
The old Brigade

The Tan
The Tain
The Tam

The child survives on its own
Time its own
Even its own Tam

1000 die a day

And the Dream lives on
NaTam Ar Beatha.

Judi Donnelly
29 August 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

the war in america

the war in America

i was born into death and distruction
and rose uyp like the Phoenix from the ashes
We were involved but from our bubble

No bombs no guns No starvation
Just a young awareness.
It came to us somehow
through a feeling or a word
Sometimes just a sadness or a fear

We knew

A wildness prevaled
A certain cometence
A knowledgte of survival alone
A melancoly
A desire to know

We saw it inthe street
In the old stooped
Inthe middle age
Men left and afraid

Judi Donnelly
copyright November 12 2009

maybe I'll finish it someday


This is a time line by the spelling and meaning of the langauge as written .
the other confusion from gaelic to english and the latin is the use of ci or ce
is the s sound in english useage but the irish is unclear if ci or ce should be
soft like s or hard like k.
the loss of the gramatic rules.
ch is the cc in latin the ccurcc or church.
in the gaelic both scot and irish kirk or curc like ruairc or erc or eirc or now
the eire.
by world war 2 which have been watching to celebrate the return of the troops
from iraq
irac qu, in the whatever language it is ,norman french probably, is the irish
ce and ay the quay would be in the irish cae or some such.
a waterport and our dublin is a quay this quay that quay
the irish say kay which is the cae .
so much for devalera restoring the language for the common people.
z=ts so anzio is antsio .
the grandson of the T si top faery. the faeri.
the survivors certainly thought so for the rest of their lives.
and it was the polish who took the abbey at cassino but it was churchill who
planned the operation and kept them there for months.
the flanders of world war two.
The great sacrifice to the curc ,the kirk. the blood of the only c left as the k
the Ch Ri St
shi ri st what is that.

The Shadow of the Cross
Falls over the land
As fighters groan above the earth
500 bombs, rockets
machine guns,
600 rounds a minute,
Again it comes, the Cross in the sky
Great Fortress with engine flying by
Its guns a heavy star
The shadow of the Cross
Across the lowly earth
For what its worth
No Date
Batonrouge ! 'Was the ton red genie'
The tele has come
The Gold Star hung
'Babe' was being ,in the Gaelic
Death came
27 May 1944
No one remembers where.
There were 997 died that day at
Cis ter Ci
On June 4 the third infantry battalion rode into Rome
On June 6 , D Day
And the shadow of the Cross remains at Normandy this day.
Judi Donnelly
copyright August 22 2010